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Helping you develop your strategy.

We Provide Solutions

Providing business solutions to organizations through social service and government contracting is a specialized and impactful field that involves helping businesses and nonprofit organizations secure contracts, grants, and partnerships in the social service and government sectors.  If your organization is interested in modeling your business services for access to securing a government contract, Mr. Hargrave offers an in-depth consultation, and an immersive database of material that will walk you through the process. Through assessment of your organization, we can develop a training program specialized to your industry and business  goals.  For more information, contact us.


How We Help Businesses 

Business to Government

Helping companies understand the complex world of government contacting.

Business Start up & Growth 

We help entrepreneurs start up their businesses and coach them through a successful launch.

Marketing & Brand Management

We help organizations achieve their marketing goals while managing a strong brand presence.

Human Resources & Workplace Management

We help organizations build a strong workforce.

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