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Providing competitive edge service and innovation for government agencies through specialized projects and intentional program solutions.

Government Contracting

Hargrave Innovative Solutions is dedicated to providing a competitive edge and fostering innovation for government agencies. This is achieved through our specialization in handling projects and creating intentional program solutions. By offering specialized services and solutions, the company aims to assist government agencies in achieving their goals efficiently and effectively. This approach can help government entities enhance their performance and meet the ever-evolving challenges they face in serving the public and delivering critical services.

What We Offer

Identifying Opportunities: The first step is to identify potential opportunities within the social service and government sectors. 

Proposal Development: This often includes assisting organizations in preparing competitive proposals or bids for contracts or grants. 

Compliance and Regulation: Government and social service contracts come with specific regulations and compliance requirements. 

Networking and Partnerships: Building relationships with government agencies, local authorities, and other relevant organizations is crucial. 

Financial Planning: Ensuring that the financial aspects of a business or nonprofit are well-structured to handle government contracts is important. 

Program Management: Once a contract or grant is secured, managing the program or project effectively is essential. This includes project planning, performance monitoring, and reporting.

Continuous Improvement: Over time, organizations need to continuously evaluate and improve their operations to maximize the impact of their services and contracts.

Capacity Building: Business solution providers may also assist organizations in building their internal capacities, such as training staff, implementing efficient systems, and enhancing organizational structures.

Data Management and Reporting: Accurate data collection, analysis, and reporting are often required for government contracts and social service initiatives. Providers help organizations set up the necessary data management systems and reporting mechanisms.

Outcome Measurement: Demonstrating the impact of programs and services is crucial in this field. This involves defining measurable outcomes and collecting data to assess the success of programs and services.

Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks associated with government contracts and social service initiatives is an important part of the job. This may include developing risk management plans and strategies.


Area Representatives

  • Eric Hargrave - Austin, TX

  • Shaylynn Thompson - Wichita, KS

  • Dennis Fontelroy - Wichita, KS

  • Melodye Fuller - Austin, TX

Contract Teaming Partners

Contemporary Results for Veterans, LLC

A management consulting firm focusing on US veterans.

Choices in Action (501(c)3)

A mobile organization acting as an apartment locator and rent negotiator for homeless US veterans.

Fountain of Life Ministries (501(c)3)

An organization seeking to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Launch Me Global, LLC

A business expert and workplace coach based out of Houston, Texas.

Nexus Universal, LLC

A business advisory company specializing in federal sales.

Global Connections Academy, LLC

A school that helps people become certified life coaches.

Austin Mindfulness Center, LLC

An organization offering individual, mindfulness-based therapy. 

Bearing Mindset Drive Tactics, LLC

The premier law enforcement and civilian firearm and self-defense instruction of Central Texas.

Engaged Talent Solutions

An industry-leading HR firm focusing on training and leadership development.

IwA Marketing Logo

IwA Marketing

A marketing firm offering start-up, small businesses and nonprofit organizations brand & marketing development services.


A B2B company dedicated to helping small-to-medium enterprises.

Veteran Mindset Coaching, LLC

A life coaching company with more than 23 years of mentoring and leading experience in the defense industry.

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