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Fountain of Life Ministries

Fountain of Life Ministries provides spiritually centered, sustainable solutions for creating strong families. Our focus aims to eliminate economic disparities and create healthy lifestyle practices for youth, teens and parents from all walks of life. We are a faith-based organization of stewards implementing strategies and programs that have created a community of strong and healthy families. We connect, prepare and empower individuals with the core essentials needed to increase self-reliance, responsibility and family engagement by providing solutions to reduce poverty, improve health outcomes, engage parents, and eliminate disparities in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas. 

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Core Competencies 

Creating healthy communication habits that aid in positive relationships between fathers, mothers and their children.

Building and sustaining supportive programs that instill and strengthen the core principles of co-parenting and marriage.

Assisting faith and community based organizations with program development; we focus on research and training aimed to help each organization solve the issues in their community. 

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